You Can Go Home Again

When I was in high school I was a total band geek, frizzy hair, braces, the whole nine yards. I definitely was a late bloomer and I sure bloomed in college. I decided that if I ever got the chance to show the people in my home town how much I had changed I would. This silly plan included getting all dolled up and going to a professional stylist and I planned on getting one of those fancy Diamond limo party bus rentals. As the years have gone by though, I care less and less about what people think so I hadn’t planned on doing anything like that any time soon. Then, out of the blue, I had the chance to make a dramatic entrance to the local autumn dance and I thought, “Why not?” So I booked a trip back home and got my hair and nails done before the big night. I rented the finest party bus I could find and I saw heads turn as my friends and I got off the bus.

I had thought that seeing people from high school and everyone else from my home town would be stressful, since there was so much animosity on my part after graduation. There wasn’t any of that though. It’s like the old saying goes, time really does heal all wounds. I was able to dance with the guy who gave me a hard time in high school and as it turns out, he teased me back then because he liked me, or so he says. Not that it matters now, he’s married and unemployed and I live a thousand miles away and am doing quite well for myself. I guess along with time healing wounds, living well is the best revenge too. Having made a success of myself and shown the town who I am now, I can close that chapter of my life.