Working As a Wedding Planner

We have been working on this for a week, but of course we have competing pressures from different parts of the family. I was working on something else the other day when I realized that the mother of the bride wanted me to look into the cost of Toronto party bus rentals for the wedding reception. I was not really sure what the reasoning behind that was, but when I talked to her she was talking about the fact that they were going to serve alcohol and that they did not want to have people driving away from the reception drunk. Of course the obvious solution for his is to not serve drinks. If it were up to me that is what I would do, but mostly because I would be too cheap to pay for the people who just come to a wedding to get trashed. That happens a lot and when I was a younger person I would often go to a wedding to drink a few beers and hit on the girls there.

In fact this is a job to me, so I do as I am told and the truth is that I have a lot of people telling me different things. It is not something that I have ever done before, at least formally. I helped my aunt do it once when I was still in high school. Of course when you are under 18 years of age it is really hard to find a job where you can make decent money, so I was just running errands and stuff like that. It was not like I had to make any of the decisions. My main job here is just to keep track of the costs of the wedding, which is apparently headed towards six figures right now.