Top Five Must-See Destinations When You Travel to Milwaukee

Perhaps this city is best known for the many different breweries that it houses in the inner city, and for the major league baseball team that was named after them, The Milwaukee Brewers. But, there is so much more to the cheese capital of the world aside from baseball, fine cheeses and domestic beers. Milwaukee is a cultural mixture of many different ethnicities that have truly culminated over the years, creating the diverse community that it is today. The city sits by one of the largest freshwater lakes in the country, Lake Michigan, and offers a bustling industry and a burgeoning population as well a rich dose of Midwestern history and heritage. While there are numerous amazing attractions to see when you travel here, make certain that you note at least a few of these top five must-see attractions when you are in this awesome city.

Lake Michigan: One of the largest freshwater lakes in the entire nation has much to offer visitors. You can rent small fishing boats and try your hand as an angler for the day, and the piers are lined with vendors, many who will clean your catch for a small fee and a tip. You can also take guided boat tours and even embark on dinner cruises. It is highly recommended that you take a nighttime cruise to see the city lights reflecting on the water. During the warmer months you can go wading in the water in certain parts of the lake.

Captain Frederick Pabst Mansion: One of the coolest and most interesting doses of history that you can experience when you travel to Milwaukee is found in this preserved mansion. Originally built during the late 1800s, upon completion of its construction it was so gorgeous that the locals started referring to it as the ‘Jewel’ of the avenue manors in the upper-class district of the downtown area. When you come to this amazing city, this mansion is an absolute must-see for all!

Pettit National Ice Center: One of the most famous ice skating rinks in the entire world, many a gold medal winning Olympian has traveled here for training that can’t be found anywhere else in the country. During the week you can actually rent skates and whoosh around this huge rink, which also hosts events and shows from time to time.

Milwaukee County Zoo: You won’t want to miss this amazing animal haven that features a few thousand different animals and species. One of the older zoos in the nation, make sure that you don’t miss the amazing grizzly bear exhibit which boasts one of the largest grizzly bear habitats in the world. This is for certain a must-see when you travel to Milwaukee.

Miller Brewing Company: Perhaps the most popular of all tourist attractions in the entire city, and in the state of Wisconsin for that matter, the Miller Brewing plant is not to be missed. You can take free guided tours of the plant and see how one of the largest beer companies in the world conducts their daily operations. This plant is must-see on your list of things to do when you travel to Milwaukee!