Tokyo Travel Guide

Tokyo is not only the capital of Japan but is also the heart of all the activities relating to business, finance, science contemporary culture, fashion and entertainment. It is the perfect amalgamation of centuries old shrines with highly sophisticated activities of the modern times like skyscraping. Tokyo is a city bursting with vigor, color, king-size buildings and festivities of all kinds.

Approaching Tokyo
If airplane is your favorite means of traveling then you can easily arrive at Tokyo through Narita airport which is considered to be significantly important as an international gateway for tourists and businessmen. You can also easily make use of boats or ferries like Ariake ferry terminal located on Odaiba in Tokyo bay to reach Tokyo. Harumi terminal and Takeshiba terminal are too other options where you can access boats to reach Tokyo.

Inter-city Travel in Tokyo
You can easily utilize bus services like JR Bus Group and Miller Express to move around the city with ease. Tokyo also has a sizeable network of subways and trains which are very easy and convenient to use. Announcements in trains are mostly made in English for the convenience of the English speaking tourists. You can also use ferry, bicycle, taxis or cars to reach nearby destinations.

Tokyo has options for all kinds of tourists. Not only for the extraordinarily rich visitors but also for the people who are a little tight with their budget. Convenience stores exist for people with small budget and department stores at basements offer all kinds of prepared food for the customers who have a mid-range budget. People with astronomical ranges of budget have the privilege to try out the best sushi in this whole wide world in the confines of Tokyo i.e. in Tsukiji.

Nightlife and Some Important Destinations to Visit
There is a good range of nightclubs and pubs to pay a visit too in Tokyo. Bars of all kinds and specialties exist. If you want to party all night or just grab a drink then there are a number of good options for you. For fashion freaks, the ultimate destination is Shibuya, Harajuku and Roppongi hills. You can find almost anything and everything here. Whether you love guitars, kitchenware, antiques, electronics or cosmetics, there are plenty of options for everyone in Tokyo.

If you have enough money, there are number of options to get high luxury accommodation; expensive high end hotels in areas like Shinjuku, Akasaka and Seiyo Ginza and Four seasons Marunounchi, come under luxury accommodations. But, if you want to keep it within a reasonable cost, then you should opt for Taito or Asukasa; be warned though, there are quite some curfew times at night in these budget hotels. Other options also exist, namely Shiba Park Hotel, Court Yard by MariottTokyo Ginza Hotel, Intercontinental Tokyo Bay Hotel, ANA Hotel, Mitsui Garden Hotel and Mets Shibuya Hotel. All these hotels have splendid and awe-aspiring views that you would fall in love with. Tokyo Dome hotel has a famous point of attraction right outside of it, so choosing it would be doubly advantageous.