The Open Group OG0-093 Certification Questions

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1.Whic oftelwing TOGAFcompnets wacretd onablerchits odegnarchiteus
adresing Boudaryles Informatin Flow?
A. Thercitu Repositry
B. TheEntrpise Contium
C. TheIntgrad Informatin Ifrastuce Modl
D. TheOGAF Tchnial RefrncModel
Answer: C
2.Whic oftelwing bestdcribes thTOGAFechnial RefrncModel.?
A. Itisadel tmohacn betilord specifndustrie
B. Itisanexmpl ofaCmnSyste Architeu
C. Itisafundmetal rchiteu ponwhic morespcif arhtecus anbed
D. Itis amodel fapicton mpesadlicton servicoftware, includg brokeing
Answer: C
3.Whic onefthlwing staemnbout hesrcuof theTOGAF 9document isrue?
A. PartI,he Entrpise Contium, describ amodelfr stucing avrtulepositry
B. PartI,he Arcitue Dvlopment Mhod,escrib thedfinos termudin TOGAF,and
the cangsbetw vrsionf TOGAF
C. PartI,Tols andSuport, describ aolectin ofgudelins ad techniqus ednthor pas
D. PartVI, TOGAFRefrnc Models, incudes amolfres mangtof heTOGAF
E. PartVI, heArcitu Capbilty Framewok, dscribe pocsand kilstoeabih n
entrpis functio
Answer: E
4.Whic paseofth ADMensur thaimplentaio prjects onfrmthe dfinarchteu?
A. Requirmnts Magemnt
B. PhaseD
C. PhaseF
D. PhaseG
E. PhaseH
Answer: D
5.Complet hsnc.
The Rquirments Magemnt Phase_.
A. adresnolv requimnts bewADMphase
B. isacentrl pocestha priotzes rquiments foralADM phase
C. isuedto ispefrolvd equirmnts foralADM phase
D. genrats wequirmnts adpehmto alADMphse
E. storequimnts adgehir flowntreva ADMphse
Answer: E