I Went to a Bachelor Party

Of course I was not the one who was paying for any of this, so it not like I was going to complain about how much money got spent. I mean this was a really over the top bachelor party. I know that a lot of this guy’s friends are rich and apparently a number of them chipped in until they had a lot of money together. They found this Toronto party bus rental place and got three of those things for the night. The first thing that they did was to go from one club to the next, we did a lot of drinking and of course this is the sort of club where they have adult entertainment. I must admit that I was really impressed by the quality of the entertainers. That is not something you could call me an expert in. What is really the point of staring at a girl when that is the only thing that you can do.

In fact you should know that you really should stop at the part where you stare at the girls and talk to them. Of course they are going to flirt with the guys for tips, but they are going to come with their own muscle. I figured that out after we went to this big rental house out in the country. There were a bunch of other girls there, some of them were dancers and some of them seemed to be willing to do more than that if you had the cost of admission. At any rate there were some really big tough guys hanging around. They were drinking bottled water and any time that some guy put his hands on one of the girls they got right there and they were ready to crack skulls I am sure.