Extreme Wealth Formula Review – What You Must Know Before You Join!

Extreme Wealth Formula is a brand new business opportunity that pre-launched in mid May 2009 by Dan Miller. Dan Miller creator of Extreme Wealth Formula is a very experienced marketer, programmer, and creator of many other successful online programs with several thousand members and still actively operates all of them today.


Extreme Wealth Formula is Dan Millers newest and top tier addition to his portfolio and was designed to tap into the growing billion dollar travel industry and teach people how to market online effectively using proven strategies and resources to start generating sales effectively with targeted advertising. For this top tier program the total cost is $1,799 for the private membership, with no monthly fees. Members receive their own global travel business, experience deep discounts on all luxury vacations and cruises included with membership, and generate considerable commissions for marketing the membership to other customers and entrepreneurs. The product purchase is not necessary to market this private membership as affiliates are able to join for only $49 with no monthly fees and earn commissions on every sale generated.


The product is a private membership to over 3500 luxury resorts, Caribbean cruises and other 3 to 5 day getaways. Members have access to 4 and 5 star resorts with private golf courses, ocean views and other vacation attractions. EWF Vacation Getaways provides their members with a full week stay at 4 or 5 star resorts for as low as $378 per couple. Also members can enjoy all inclusive Caribbean cruises for two for only $498. Through the EWF Vacation Getaways there are no black out dates, maintenance fees or time share presentations for members to attend. All trips are booked and handled by the travel fulfillment center, which have been managing travel reservations for decades.

Compensation Plan

The compensation plan is very unique and is considered a first of its kind in the top tier online marketing industry. This compensation plan is referred to as a 2 tier direct sales model with a built in affiliate structure to build your own affiliate marketing team. You earn $1000 commissions on all your personal sales which are considered tier 1 sales. On tier 2 you receive a $500 override from all your members sales. Also, you receive $700 commission from all of your affiliates sales and your affiliates make $300 on every sale with no product purchase of their own. Plus swingline bonuses from the second sale of each member. There is a very detailed video explaining the compensation plan on the Extreme Wealth Formula website for a visual presentation as well.