Corporate Event Planning – Tips For Summer Parties

Not everyone has the skills for corporate event planning in NYC. It takes persistence, dedication and knowledge to organize a summer event that participants will truly enjoy. Although event planners generally have help, they are still in charge of putting all the party puzzle pieces together. This is not always an easy task, especially when assigned helpers have little imagination. If that happens, the summer event organizers will have to rely on their past experiences and tips, such as these:

1. Know your budget – The amount of money you have at your disposal for your corporate event planning in NYC will largely determine what kind of summer event you can organize. Will you have enough to hire an entertainer and rent a tent, or will you have to settle for a potluck picnic in the park?
2. Know your guests – Planning a summer event for children will be different than festivities for adults. There is also a huge difference between a celebration that includes entire families, and one attended by company executives. Be smart, and ask your audience what they enjoy the most.
3. Find the perfect location – Keep note of the information employees have provided. If many live on one side of New York City, do not plan your corporate bash on the other side. If you do, few people will show up. The event location should be easy to find and have ample parking – always provide maps and driving instructions.

4. Do not forget the details – Experts in corporate event planning in NYC know how important details are. When you rent a tent, you will also need seating, tables, a stage, a dance floor, lighting, and a bunch of other accessories. Do not forget the ceiling fans as temperatures can rise quite high during the summer.
5. Drinks and food – Plan your refreshments, snacks and meals well. Offer lost of choices so everyone will find something they like.