Advice on Cheap Travel – Want to Travel in Luxury on a Penny Pincher Budget?

Do you have champagne taste and a Miller Lite budget? Want to travel as if you have an unlimited budget even though you don’t? Well, to a certain extent, that can very well be possible with a little careful planning on your part. Here’s some advice on cheap travel to help you have a dream vacation even though your bank account may tell you otherwise.

Frequent flyer programs are a good start. Most people either never bother to sign up for frequent flyer programs, or they don’t remain loyal to that particular airline, flying with different carriers every time. If you build up a relationship with one airline and accumulate some miles, you can travel first class for your next vacation for less money than you would spend to travel in coach normally. And let me tell you, the difference is quite a bit!

Did you know there are “frequent sleeper” programs for hotels? Check around and see what offers are out there, and then stick with that company’s line of hotels (don’t forget to officially join the program though). You’ll end up being able to upgrade to suites or get free nights.

When it comes to advice on cheap travel, here’s something that is very easy to do and yet hardly anyone ever does. Ask for an upgrade! If you are flying, ask to be bumped up to first class. Oftentimes they will do it if first class is not full. If you are checking into a hotel, ask if there are any upgrades available either free or very cheap. You might end up with a suite instead of your regular room. Or they may have some other package to offer you. On one trip I had reserved a room for 4 nights and when I got there I was able to get an “upgrade” that allowed me to have the 4 nights plus a book of coupons which had loads of free stuff in it, and the total price was actually less than the amount I had reserved the rooms for. But you must ask!