A Vacation That May Spark a Move

My husband of 20 years is originally from Spain. He was born there, and he left there when he was just 30 years old. We met, dated for 5 years, and then we married. Last month, he said that he was surprising me with a trip to his homeland for our 50th anniversary. This was very exciting to hear! And you can bet that visiting there made me think of what living in Tenerife would be like if we were to do that upon our retirement.

We had several children together, and our daughter had special needs that took up most of my free time when I was not working. Because of this, we really did not have much chance to run away for a long vacation, much less a short time. My husband did go home at times to spend time with his family, and there were several occasions that both his parents and his brothers came here to visit us. All of those trips were fleeting, and I know that it must have been hard to give up so much to stay here with me and the kids, even though he loves us all deeply.

So, when he said we were going there for his anniversary, I was very happy about it. I quickly jumped online to look to see what types of things there are to do there. I know that he knows the area, but I also know that it has been 20 years and restaurants and many more places there have changed in all the time. I made up a list of things to do and then ran it by him to see if he was interested in anything. I have to say that the list with different locations and events made him even more excited. So much so, that when we arrived in Tenerife, we began talking about the possibility of moving there full time.